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Behind the move are concerns that companies dealing with digital assets can be engaged in the processing of illicit funds. Quoting knowledgeable sources, Bloomberg revealed these nations fear cryptocurrency companies can be used to process illegally obtained funds.

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EU authorities, such as the European Commission ECare now negotiating over the design of the regulatory body, expected to launch in and expand its operations in the next two years. Spain, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands are among the nations rallying behind Germany in the initiative. Besides, the European Parliament will have the final say on the legal texts.

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A leading EU lawmaker for the proposal, Luis Garicano, stated: It is key that the scope of the new EU authority explicitly includes crypto assets, given that this is one of the fields more prone to money laundering activities. At present, national authorities are responsible for combating money laundering in the EU, which limits their effectiveness and raises questions about their independence.

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Yet crime-related flows still represent a small share rand Paul bitcoin all crypto transaction volume which has also seen bitcoin sandoris serious increase in Do you think other EU member states will support the initiative of the German-led group?

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